Rural Water Supply Scheme DPR

19Jul-18 Rural Water Supply Scheme DPR

The primary objective of the assignment is to provide 100% piped water supply coverage to entire block through suitable sustainable water source (Surface water sources/Ground water sources etc.) The study includes necessity & importance of
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27Jun-18 GIS, House Service Connection & Metering For Bhadrawati

Bhadrawati Municipal Council is implementing 100% metering for the entire Bhadrawati city for converting intermediate water supply to 24X7 pressurized water supply to each and every house hold. The objective of metering is to measure the
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15Jun-18 Mapping and Location Based services towards Smart World and Communication

Mapping and Location Based services towards Smart World and Communication - An input to Smart City components. Sensing the opportunities afforded by the smart segment, increasingly, the world is seeking smarter, secure, more intelligent solutions
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1Jun-18 Non-Revenue Water Analysis & Reduction Strategies

Description: Assessment of Non-Revenue Water and developing strategy and implementation action plan for reduction of Non-Revenue Water in Lucknow Smart city. Technical Scope: The project covered assessment of entire water cycle for
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11May-18 Mega Walk-in @ Nagpur for Road & Highway Engineers

Excellent Career opportunities @ Nagpur for Road & Highway Engineers. Qualification - M. Tech./ B. E. - Civil .blog-content


13Apr-18 Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Reforms & Solutions Jalgaon Municipal Council

Maharashtra Sujal Nirmal Abhiyan (MSNA) is a reform led program. The program aims at achieving 24x7 water supplies as per the central government guidelines with a focus on water conservation. It includes a scope of accountability mechanism like
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23Mar-18 Meter Data Acquisition Systems

Smart Energy has been a significant intangible standard for future energy use. Since limited non-renewable energy resources are available on Earth and also high costs of obtaining renewable energies (REs), how to make use of energy in a more
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7Mar-18 Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Reforms & Solutions – Bhadravati Council

Project - Ceinsys Tech was awarded with the project of Water Supply Reforms under Maharashtra Sujal Nirmal Abhiyan Program and designed a Non-Revenue Water supply system, which was a GIS based hydraulic model for Augmentation. The Project to be
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16Feb-18 Revamping & Resolution of Non-Revenue Water for Umred

Water is the main need for all the living beings on the planet. As water fulfills daily need for lifestyle, domestic purposes, irrigation, etc. About 50-60 % of pumped Non-revenue water is lost during transference from water treatment plant.
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5Feb-18 Solutions of Non-Revenue Water Management through Analysis

Water demand is increasing everywhere and because of increased requirements for irrigation, domestic usage, and lifestyle changes, and so on. Water loss in water distribution system is an important issue in India. Studies indicate that up to 50%
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