Government Solution Success Story

20Dec-18 Topographic Mapping Namibia

This project aims to provide an updated fundamental dataset to be configured into a multi-purpose database to serve wide-ranging GIS applications and to assist in the implementation of sustainable development. Location: Nambia Map
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30Nov-18 Mahabhumi Project – Maharashtra

The GIS database being developed by individual departments or their allied offices are not based on standard formats/models. Thus such databases cannot be integrated in a Single Geo-spatial database. The satellite images not centrally
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2Aug-18 GIS : Electrical Asset Mapping, Consumer Indexing & Web Solution Development

Client: CESU/ L&T Technical Scope as Geospatial Solution Provider (GSP) partner:- GIS Network & Consumer Survey by using DGPS techniques. Integrated GIS solution development, deployment & Maintenance. GIS based integrated Network
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13Apr-18 Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Reforms & Solutions Jalgaon Municipal Council

Maharashtra Sujal Nirmal Abhiyan (MSNA) is a reform led program. The program aims at achieving 24x7 water supplies as per the central government guidelines with a focus on water conservation. It includes a scope of accountability mechanism like
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5Feb-18 Solutions of Non-Revenue Water Management through Analysis

Water demand is increasing everywhere and because of increased requirements for 8, domestic usage, and lifestyle changes, and so on. Water loss in water distribution system is an important issue in India. Studies indicate that up to 50% to 60%
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4Jan-18 Improving the Efficiency of Water Supply System Through Non Revenue Water Calculation

Water losses are known to be the hallmark in India’s water management system. Reducing these water losses is critical to efficient resource utilization, efficient utility management, and enhanced consumer satisfaction. It is often found that
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1Dec-17 Water Quality Mapping of 27 Districts of Chhattisgarh

Ground water is the major source in India not only for domestic use, but also for agriculture and industrial sector. At present scenario, 85% of domestic water requirement in rural areas, 55% of irrigation water requirement of farmers, 50% of
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6Nov-17 Emerging Smart Solutions LiDAR UAV/GPR Heritage and Mine Mapping

Summary These days it is common that we see surveying and mapping professionals using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs) for surveying heritage sites, map roads or terrains. Collecting information from the skies has been an approach in practice since
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4Jul-17 MDAS Execution

Client: MSEDCL Objective:  Execution of GIS, MDAS & FMS under R-APDRP in Nashik, Kolhapur and Ichalkaranji towns. Supply, testing, commissioning and integration of modems in these three towns. Solution:  Procured satellite
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4Jul-17 Punjab GIS Execution

Punjab GIS Execution Client: PSPCL, Punjab Objective:  To conduct GIS survey under RAPDRP program for 3 Towns at PSPCL - Punjab, locating coordinates using DGPS, collection/updates of electrical network assets through field survey
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