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Ceinsys Tech is leveraging smart technology and analytics to deliver new age solutions in the geospatial and engineering domains. Established in 1998, Ceinsys solutions are enabling enterprises and to achieve high-efficiency through smart planning and execution.

Through smarter urban planning, connectivity, water management, energy efficiency, e-governance and more, Ceinsys solutions are positively impacting millions of lives.

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Design & Development of Web GIS Based Asset Mapping & Land Management System

Industrial areas of the state are always the talk of the town since they are one of the prime sources for earnings and attracting new opportunities for the state’s development.


Design Solution For GIS Enabled Property & Tax Information System

Property tax is the major source of revenue for most of the Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) across the country. But tax collection has always been a pain point for the revenue departments.


Solution for Smart Agriculture

Designing, Developing and Establishing LRI Data Centre, LRI Portal and LRI Decision System in Karnataka State.


Enterprise Solution for Mining Industry

This project is a web-based Integrated Mines Management System developed for administration and regulation of mineral reserves across various states. EXPLORE
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