Our Jt. MD Dr. Abhay Kimmatkar interviewed at Aveva World Conference, Mumbai

28Jan-19 GIS Tree Census Management System

Manage and implement the GIS based Tree Census Management System to oversee the tree cutting permissions and monitoring the tree cover in the city. The PCMC is covering an area of 177 Sq. Km and is divided into 64 electoral wards or tree zones.
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25Jan-19 Get Your Free Visitor Pass at Geosmart India 2019 New Delhi

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15Jan-19 We are Exhibiting at 9th International Micro Irrigation Conference 16-18 Jan 2019, Aurangabad, india

Join us at 9th International Micro Irrigation Conference 2019 at Hotel Ambassador, Aurangabad, as we showcase our innovative irrigation offerings & how data analytic allow water utilities to correlate real-time data in critical events.
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4Jan-19 Vehicle Tracking System

School bus monitoring system is a web based application available 24×7 with the school administrator to monitor entire fleet of buses. Includes Dedicated App for parents to monitor bus location and safety of child. An App specifically for
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24Dec-18 Our Jt.MD Dr.Abhay Kimmatkar Invited as Prominent Speaker at Indian Geospatial Leadership Summit

Dr. Abhay Kimmatkar spoke on monitoring RoadSafety and monetisation of National Highways through GIS technologies using LiDAR, UAV, NSV, FWD at India Geospatial Leadership Summit, Dehradun. He further added that GIS tech has given valuations
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20Dec-18 Topographic Mapping Namibia

This project aims to provide an updated fundamental dataset to be configured into a multi-purpose database to serve wide-ranging GIS applications and to assist in the implementation of sustainable development. Location: Nambia Map
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30Nov-18 Mahabhumi Project – Maharashtra

The GIS database being developed by individual departments or their allied offices are not based on standard formats/models. Thus such databases cannot be integrated in a Single Geo-spatial database. The satellite images not centrally
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15Nov-18 Junction Point Mapping for Smart City

Description: In order to design a smart city, one needs a digital replica of the current city and all its assets. Converting an Vizag urban area into a smart city begins with a 3D data acquisition that accurately maps every entity within the
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30Oct-18 SCADA: 220 KV Electrical Substation Automation

Description: MSETCL is the largest state transmission utility in the country. At present, SCADA system at SLDC Kalwa acquires real time data from 146 RTUs Out of total 622 EHV substations of MSETCL are observable. Due to Network expansion,
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