15Jun-18 Mapping and Location Based services towards Smart World and Communication

Mapping and Location Based services towards Smart World and Communication - An input to Smart City components. Sensing the opportunities afforded by the smart segment, increasingly, the world is seeking smarter, secure, more intelligent solutions
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16Feb-18 Revamping & Resolution of Non-Revenue Water for Umred

Water is the main need for all the living beings on the planet. As water fulfills daily need for lifestyle, domestic purposes, irrigation, etc. About 50-60 % of pumped Non-revenue water is lost during transference from water treatment plant.
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16Jan-18 Non-Revenue Water Management Determination with Water Supply System

Water losses have been known to appear in the highlight when talked about Water Management System of India.  It has become a need to work on measures to reduce these losses from water distribution system, which play a critical role in
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2Dec-17 GIS Based Web Portal for DP Remarks, Comment Submission, Processing & Updating

Preamble MCGM is one of the biggest local governments in INDIA as well as in the Asian continent. In 1882 as India's first Municipal Corporation from the time of establishment, MCGM worked closely to provide benefits to Indian citizens. MCGM has
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20Nov-17 Automated Metering Infrastructure is making a Powerful Smart Energy Management System

New developments in electricity markets brought changes in Weather, that has brought in the need for Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) in creating a Powerful & Smart Energy Management System. The energy industry is gradually focusing on
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16Oct-17 Enabling Equal Water Supply through Intelligent Water Management Systems

India is a rich in water resources having plenty of water bodies that satisfies the overall population. On the other hand, with the increasing population, demand for water is also increasing, thus Intelligent Water Management Systems is required.
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5Jun-17 Feasibility of Geospatial Solutions To Understand Location Analytics

There is a need that by adding geospatial solutions with geographic location aligning it with business data and mapping it, Organizations can dramatically improve their insights into tabular data which focuses on generating Geospatial Analytics.
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24May-17 Navigation & Digital Map Preparation-Location Intelligence

Navigation & Digital Maps along with Location Intelligence used in Car Navigation Device is the specific objective of this project, serving AND, Netherland. Ceinsys has been working for AND for last 8 years. During this period, Ceinsys has
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15May-17 Point of Interest (POI) – Are These Points Really Necessary For Mapping???

A point of interest (POI) is a dedicated geographic entity such as a milestone, an institute, a heritage site, or a corporate office. Points of interest are the base for most of the data supporting location-based applications. The most prevalent
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8May-17 WEBINAR – Technology as a Tool for Heritage Mapping

Cultural Heritage is recognised as a precious asset of human being, which depicts its accomplishments over centuries. The need for documentation and conservation of cultural heritage is well understood and specialists attempt to exploit all
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