2May-17 Location Based Mapping for ATMs through Geographic Information System (GIS)

Location-based Services (LBS) are web-based services that utilize location data from GPS-enabled mobile devices to provide real-time information to a mobile user based on his/her location. LBS make use of the Geographic Information System (GIS)
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18Apr-17 Technology Advancement in Software Solutions – A Boon or Bane

Human nature is to make mistakes, no matter what qualification or experiences he/she has as we are not machines to respond promptly, accurately and diligently. Does that make us any less? Well, the answer is NO, as we humans have created the
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3Apr-17 Sewer DPR helps Create Efficient Sewerage Implementation Projects

Adequate sanitation, together with good hygiene and safe water, are essential for good health and for social and economic development. Sanitation has now become our national agenda. The way in which Swatcha Bharat Abhiyan is being accepted by the
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20Mar-17 Remote Sensing & Agriculture GIS

In India, agriculture supports 58% of the population. Around 51% of India's geographical area is under cultivation. Major shares of its GDP comes from agriculture sector. Government recently launched some major schemes like crop insurance, per
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6Mar-17 An open letter to Parents waiting for a school bus to drop or pick up a child!!!

Dear Parent, How much time do you spend or waste at a school bus stop to drop or pick up your child? You must have made numerous desperate calls to the driver to find out if he has already left the stop and then must have chased him to catch it at
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8Feb-17 GIS Assets Mapping & Testing of Water Quality For All Rural Drinking Water Sources

Providing stable freshwater is the most persistent of the various environmental challenges on India's national perspective. Multiple influence factors like population explosion, rapid expansion, industrial growth and agricultural development are
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30Jan-17 Road Mapping Through LiDAR Technology

The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) and other implementing agencies are responsible for development and maintenance of transport infrastructure like highways, roads, buildings, etc. Due to immense amount of infrastructure development
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16Jan-17 Applications Of Satellite Imagery & Remote Sensing Data

Remote sensing data provides essential information that helps in monitoring various applications such as image fusion, change detection and land cover classification. Remote sensing is a key technique used to obtain information related to the
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26Dec-16 Terrestrial Laser Scanning In Mining

Natural resources are the treasure for human being. Minerals and Metals are some of the valuable natural resource and these commodities are excavated through Mining. Mining is a process of extracting the valuable metals and minerals from the
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12Dec-16 Hire A Dream Team – An HR’s perspective

Have you always wondered as to what is the formula to hire the prefect dream team? All of you might agree that to hire the right resources is vital and having a balanced team is the way to success. Pondering leads to a lot of R&D, surfing,
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