8Nov-16 Tourist Experience Enhancer App For National Parks – A Booster For Ecotourism

Need for this app Many times tourists visiting national parks might not get to see the wildlife they expect to see. Or they might see few animals but not all the species. Sometimes the guide is also not keen to provide detailed information about
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18Oct-16 Building Plan Approval System (BPAS)

Existing Situation : Most of the building plan applications & drawing plans are submitted manually in paper format. Processes related to scrutiny, approval and rejection are carried out manually. Building Plan Approval System (BPAS) involves
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28May-16 e-Tourist Guide App – Your buddy on the go

As smartphones are making their way into everyone's life, there is a huge demand for the apps in various domains. Once such domain is GIS (Geographical Information System) in tourism industry. User can rip immense benefits by way of getting
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28Mar-16 Researching Coffee Rust Infestation through Remote Sensing and GIS

Remote Sensing and GIS applications have made it relatively easier to monitor the overall health of forests. Various components of forests like tree heights, diameter and volume of stems, basal area and above ground biomass can now be easily be
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14Mar-16 Water Billing Software

Water is one of the major components of daily use by the human beings.But due to excess utilization and wastage of water, it is extremely necessary for the councils and municipalities to take major steps to balance the water supply in terms of
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22Feb-16 GIS & Crime Management

Introduction In India, law and civil administration is majorly maintained by the police department and due to our densely populated cities and suburbs it becomes really complex for them to keep a track of each and every incident. In order to
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15Oct-15 3D City Planning

URBANIZATION In Today's times, there are more visitors entering a city exceeding the number of its residents. In such situations we are left with less resources and more users. A shortage at all levels right from basic infrastructure i.e. roads,
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27May-15 GIS and Smart Water Management

One of the major challenges for sustainable development faced by both the developed and developing countries is to ensure that all people continue to have reliable access to Water Supply and Sanitation Services. According to the UN World Water
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13Apr-15 BIM-Way forward in Construction Industry

What Is BIM? How It Is Different? Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an intelligent model-based process that provides insight to help you plan, design, construct and manage buildings and infrastructure. BIM brings together information about
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4Mar-15 Building Smart Cities : GIS Tools and Techniques

Smart Cities are knowledge-based cities that have extra ordinary capabilities to be self-aware that functions 24x7 in real time to provide satisfactory way of life to its citizens. They are easy on public delivery of services and provide
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