4Feb-15 Building Smarter Utilities using GIS

GIS collects, models, stores, manipulates, analyzes, retrieves and presents geodata. The key attribute of a GIS is the integration of geometric and thematic attributes of spatial objects. Geometric data describes the precise location of an object
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5Jan-15 Smart City and Data Organisation

What is a Smart city and its components ? Making a city "smart" is emerging as a strategy to mitigate the problems generated by the urban population growth and rapid urbanization. More than half of the World's population now lives in urban areas.
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4Dec-14 Leveraging co-axial data sets for better operations using GIS

Continuing the deep dive into GIS based power distribution reforms, this post addresses two main challenges that GIS based technology intervention can help the power distribution utilities in. The primary challenge that a utility
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3Nov-14 Integrating GIS into overall work flow in Telecom Industries

Even though telecommunications is one of the most matured utility in the country today, there are significant gaps in standardizing the information flow protocols. GIS applicationsbegan as departmental tools with specific pre-defined scope.
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10Oct-14 What to Look for When Selecting Your GIS Application ?

GIS integration into any business is a significant investment. Choosing the right base GIS platform / application is the single most important factor which determines the success or failure of such an investment. If the chosen platform /
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