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Transforming Data into Power for Our Customers

Sustainability demands coupled with technological disruption are bringing in a paradigm shift for the power transmission & distribution industry in terms of management of assets, operations, people, and technology.

Ceinsys offers reliable GIS-based energy solutions that are enabling energy companies to strengthen operations, improve equipment performance, and better manage assets. Our solutions help clients with efficient designing, resource management, outage and distribution management, database planning and installation management, power line management, and monitoring.


65k+ Miles

Advanced Metering & Infrastructure benefitting 10M of consumers with 65k+ Miles of network mapping for 5000+ assets.

587+ towns

Load shedding reduction by 15% using SCADA implementation for 32+ Substations across 587+ towns.

28 Million users

Enterprise GIS implementation for Electrical Transmission clients across 3 Indian states

Powerline Design & Modeling

Planning, managing, and monitoring of power systems is a multifaceted process with data as its key enabler to success. Ceinsys’ leverages the incredible power of geospatial data to help energy companies overcome challenges and accomplish extraordinary milestones in powerline analysis, transmission, distribution, network management, and much more.

We use LiDAR data acquisition technologies to develop 3D models of overhead lines, terrain, structure, and vegetation. This enables our customers to meet their goals of selecting suitable areas, detecting optimum paths, profile analysis, cost estimation, energy auditing, powerline design and analysis, transmission line mapping, and powerline inspection in the most effective way.

Powerline Design & Modeling offerings :

GIS & Engineering

Our GIS solutions impart spatial dimension to electrical network models, making them much more beneficial than the traditional database and transcending conventional intelligence to the next level. By systematizing and refining the management of voluminous data, we help companies decrease the cost of grid design, invest in the optimum expansion of network, and streamline other network operations and maintenance.

Data Modeling
& Design

Our strategic data modeling solutions create a single source of true design information for utility professionals that addresses barriers to achieving goals, improves the understanding of system dynamics, and facilitates better decision-making. It also enables utilities to succeed with repeatable solutions to engineering problems.

Asset & Network
Analysis & Modeling

We provide real-world 3D models of networks for simplified enforcement of rules-based standards and connectivity. Our intuitive visualization and advanced analytics help utilities obtain real-time network insights and unlock new sources of value in the network life cycle.

Enterprise Solutions

Our robust, cost-effective location-based Enterprise Solutions deliver agile services to meet the demands of the modern network. We enable accurate & real-time management of network data, improved reporting, safer operations, and data-driven decision-making while ensuring better responses to continuously changing customer needs.

Consumer Indexing

Our GIS-based Consumer Indexing (CI) solutions play a crucial role in the development of a georeferenced consumer and network database for distribution utilities. These CI solutions can effectively manage highly detailed consumer attributes such as location, consumption pattern, and traceability of connectivity across various network components such as transformer, feeder, pole, or circuit number.

Digital Twin

With trends like decentralization and renewables, the data generated by Power grids is becoming increasingly complex to manage and exchange. As a result, utilities must integrate smart solutions for data accuracy and automation to increase asset performance, profitability, and efficiency.
Ceinsys uses a combination of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, machine learning, and simulation to empower digital twins that consolidate and standardize data across the entire utility IT landscape. This facilitates grid simulation across all domains while boosting electrical system planning and maintenance.

Grid Automation

Seamless operation of the entire grid in today’s increasingly distributed energy landscape is the foremost requirement of every utility and network operator. Ceinsys offers a broad spectrum of automation solutions integrated with existing infrastructure to meet the objective of sustainability, support end-to-end grid visibility, and improve operations and emergency response.


Power systems involve data coming from disparate sources at different points in time. Our field-proven SCADA systems collect all this data in real-time to process it in terms of usability and store for future analysis. By combining GIS and SCADA, we also facilitate visualization of simple, accurate, and easily comprehensive views of systems and patterns.

Management System

Our advanced Distribution Management System (DMS) helps to improve the reliability and resilience of your grid, optimize operations, and enhance energy quality and efficiency by providing timely information to internal and external stakeholders through various dashboards.

Outage Management System

Service reliability is a key factor driving customer loyalty. Our GIS-based outage management solutions empower utilities to better manage all areas of their outage restoration processes. Utilities can easily determine the outage location, identify the impacted customers, and prioritize their restoration efforts while keeping the customers, management, and regulators well-informed about the status.

Corporate Spatial
Data Warehouse

Our data warehouse solution integrates the spatial component that enables dynamically-geographic queries on data and aggregation of data to geographic areas for an improved understanding of business processes and business risks.

Operational Data Infrastructure

As the volume and sources of asset data rapidly expand, so do the challenges to creating insights that impact operational performance. Enterprises commonly find themselves grappling with legacy systems and outmoded processes that inhibit their ability to respond. This results in underutilization of initiatives such as asset health, product quality, and genealogy or process efficiency.

Ceinsys’ Operational Data Infrastructure connects all operational information sources in a coherent and scalable way and empowers people to leverage data to generate the insight that leads to actionable information, best practices, analysis, and continuous improvement. Our data infrastructure services enable enterprises to build a data-centric culture that drives operational agility and better responds to shifting business demands.

Asset Health Management

Ceinsys' asset management solutions help you derive the maximum value from your assets by connecting disparate asset systems and their life cycles. We use location to fine-tune asset management, provide meaningful insights into performance, risks, resources, and costs, visualize vulnerabilities and uncover financial and operational relationships. Our solutions simplify data collection while speeding up inspection and maintenance tasks, enabling utility staff to benefit from comprehensive operational awareness.

Substation Monitoring
& Situational

Ceinsys' real-time GIS and situational awareness solutions create the ability to simultaneously integrate, define filters and apply location-based analytics to refine real-time data to obtain up-to-the-minute intelligence on what's happening in the field.

Renewable energy Integration

Ceinsys’ location intelligence helps utilities see a comprehensive picture of their assets by relating every renewable energy grid feature to its precise location.

Event Analytics

Ceinsys combines external location-based data with existing operational and network data to uncover existing issues, anticipate problems, and provide proactive strategies for improving grid operations.

Vegetation Management

Electric utilities have to manage assets in a diverse range of terrains. It is critical for utilities to effectively handle encroaching vegetation to ensure public and environmental safety and maintain a functional network.

Ceinsys offers smart vegetation management solutions that deliver functional information to assist utilities in better managing the risk posed by vegetation-related outages. We use GIS technologies to analyze & identify the specific location of grow-in infringements or danger trees, enabling vegetation managers to devise the most accurate and cost-effective vegetation management plan and deliver on the public health and safety requirements.

Our comprehensive vegetation risk management programs encompass a range of services such as wildfire risk assessment and mitigation, grid asset & vegetation management, detection of fire-inducing faults, early detection of fires, wildfire spread & risk simulation, post wildfire recovery & logistics, disaster risk financing, and more.

Managed Services

The emergence of renewable energy sources, new protocols, and market forces are strongly changing how utilities operate. To survive and thrive in this new world, utilities must embrace digitalization and transform their networks to boost productivity, safety, compliance, and customer experience.

Ceinsys enables utilities to enhance possibilities with our smart and managed IT services, enabling them to optimize their processes, develop new revenue streams, and keep costs down.

Data Integration

Our data integration involves data acquisition from multiple sources, data transfer and updation in real-time, adoption of business intelligence, data distribution automation, and maintenance of GIS networks.


Our FMS services are aimed at providing utilities with ongoing tactical, strategic, and operational assistance, ensuring that they work at ideal efficiency at all times.

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