Water Resource Management.
Equitable Water Access.

Smart Solutions for Sustained Water-Efficiency

With commitment to enhancing possibilities, our new age water management is geared to take on some of the most critical challenges affecting equitable water access, empowered with technology, imaging, planning and analytics. Depleting water sources, aging infrastructure, impractical legacy models are some of the many factors that smarter solutions are here to mitigate. From household consumption to manufacturing needs, smart water management is a key to better life and commerce. Our multi-sectoral solutions cover complete management, development, and utilization of water resources, water infrastructure and waste-water treatment with intelligence built at the heart of it.


Expanding Possibilities. Impacting Lives.

1190 Sq. Miles

Area serviced, positively impacting 20.26 Mn people

2.8 Mn+ Water Sources

Water Quality Mapping for 130+ districts

INR 6.5Mn Revenue Increase

Non-Revenue Water reduction by 8% leading to annual revenue increase

Irrigating ~265k Acres

Benefitting 106 villages under the Command Area

Ceinsys is enabling clients to harness new possibilities by bringing leading global technologies at play. Delivered locally with focus on sustainability, our teams are structured to meet customer needs in an integrated manner.

Non-Revenue Water Management

Loss of an important resource like water creates a huge burden. Physical loss caused due to leaks or issues like theft and metering inaccuracies can all be mitigated by utilising smart NRW approaches. It’s more cost-effective compared to supply augmentation, and can significantly improve revenues.

From leak detection to asset management and billing, our experts study the entire value cycle and provide a 360° approach – combining expertise, technology, digital tools, and on-the-ground services. We leverage smart data management, assessment, planning, and coordination to implement action plans for success.


Reduced Losses

Extended life cycle

Optimised water distribution

Reduced failure risks

Improved performance of water assets

Higher financial efficiency

NRW offerings


Consumer Survey & Hydraulic Modelling

DPR for Augmentation



Mech. Metering in Process

Field Instrumentation

IOT & Command
Control Centre (CCC)

IoT Solutions for Water Supply Management

IoT is redefining the way water utilities and resources are managed. Today, comprehensive water management strategies are empowering Utilities to implement water projects despite complex challenges like haphazard city growth and ageing infrastructure. IoT is providing opportunities for Utilities to reduce operational costs associated with construction, maintenance, and other activities. Our solutions are designed with extreme flexibility and can be incorporated at any stage of a water management project, from field investigations to numerical modelling and simulation.

IoT based Infrastructure Management

IoT based Centralized Platform


GIS & Engineering & Network Hydraulic Modelling

Frugal use and conservation of water is one of the most pertinent challenges affecting the globe today, and GIS can play a pivotal role in the driving a positive change.

Integrated approach for spatial data management and analysis for effective water management:

  • Comprehensive GIS approach enabling: efficient design, Resource Management, Outage and Distribution Management, Database Planning and installation management, Line Management, and Monitoring
  • Proven expertise on large-scale, wide-area Water System and River Management
  • Success in addressing the Engineering challenges associated with Transportation and Rnvironmental Restoration projects
  • Specialised technical services like: Hydraulic Modelling, Drainage and Hydraulic Design, bridge Hydraulics and Floodplain Analysis, and Flood Control Design

Enterprise GIS Implementation

Consumer Indexing

Asset & Network Mapping

Water Infrastructure Management

Population growth, diminishing water resources, overburdened infrastructure and legacy systems that are prone to breakdown, are some of the many challenges that local agencies and municipalities are grappling with. Need of the hour is an integrated smart approach to sustained water infrastructure management. Our global team of engineers and specialists works closely with clients to deliver optimal solutions tailored to their needs.

Our approach to delivering the right solutions to biggest challenges include: Innovative planning and design; deep knowledge of national and local regulatory environments; unique understanding of the alternative delivery mechanisms; implementable solutions with a view on today’s difficult economic environment.

At Ceinsys, we are working with governments, investors, developers, manufacturers, utilities, and corporations all over the world to mitigate risks, meet regulatory requirements, reduce the cost of resource use and disposal, and develop strategies for a more sustainable future.


Project Management Consultancy

Non-Revenue Water Management

Smart Water Management

GIS Solutions

Detailed Design & Consultancy

Our high-efficiency modelled design and consultancy services are built around unique practice-oriented research. Cutting-edge solutions are built on purposeful innovation to bring down the operational costs while overcoming any inherent complexities or challenges.

Our competitive edge:
Proven domain knowledge expertise
– Industry-leading software tools
– Specially developed applications unique to each engineering challenge
– Process design with understanding of physiochemical and biological processes

Detailed engineering services
Our detailed engineering services are structured on the basic design by delivering intelligent engineering designs and the associated documentation. This is accomplished through the extensive use of integrated engineering workflows, as well as multi-platform engineering applications for mechanical and electrical element design and analysis, piping, instrumentation, and civil activities.

Detailed Design and
Engineering of STP,

Process Design
& Drawings

Structural Design
& Drawings

Electromechanical Design & Drawings

Designing Services for Pipe Network (Using Water GEMS)

Project Management Services

Detailed project report (DPR) preparation &
Pre-Feasibility project report

Project Management Consultancy

New and renewed infrastructure is needed to deliver water to communities, to manage stormwater and to safely dispose of waste. We create lasting solutions for cities and communities with leading expertise in the design and implementation of reservoirs, dams, lift irrigation, water distribution, sewerage, and wastewater treatment.

Our multi-disciplinary approach covers a complete array of advisory and specialist technical services. Our in-house developed methodology (based on global experience) prioritises understanding of the local water cycle in response to larger local issues such as economic development, food and agriculture, community, energy use, etc. With an in-depth understanding of technical and commercial aspects of water management, we bring holistic project capabilities including flood risk management, water resource planning, dam engineering, water treatment works design, river engineering and many more.

PMC is at the heart of a responsive water management system. Right modelling, network digitization, response quality enhancement, audits and more can be built in from the planning stage to ensure lasting efficiencies in the overall water management.

Project Management Consultancy

Quality Control

Detailed Project



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